Our Process

Connect with Clients:

At Social Surge, we believe in building lasting relationships. To do this, and to fully understand our clients’ requirements, we  like  to set up virtual meetings. Here we discuss your objectives and identify opportunities where your business can grow. Our social experts will highlight ways in which we can improve your digital presence through optimised social media campaigns.


We pride ourselves on providing 100% unique and bespoke work for our clients. To do this, our team researches your business, your competitors, and the market you operate in to formulate a social media marketing strategy that leads to increased sales and brand awareness.


To plan your social media strategy we listen to your requirements and the needs of your customers. No matter the size of your budget, we formulate a digital strategy for your business and execute it using the latest marketing software and platforms.


Once we have discussed your requirements, our team will brainstorm and strategize an effective digital plan for your business. To implement the plan, we will use a variety of digital marketing platforms to market your brand.

Money Making Begins:

At Social Surge, results take centre stage. We offer a professional service at a very competitive price that allows our clients to reap the benefits of a results-driven social media strategy. Whether your objectives are to increase sales, leads, website traffic, or brand awareness, Social Surge will grow your brand and help you to reach new audiences.

Accelerate Your Marketing